v1.20 .05/08/2023 ----- LIBRARY: * 38 new screens * Replaced one further duplicated screen UI: * Crews now show their country's flag icon in the browser panel (thanks DemoZoo) * Can now sort the main demo list by the number of screenshots each demo has * 'Extra Large' list view size added (work-in-progress) * Original list view sizes renamed from 'Tiny' through to 'Large' * Can now copy all Crews to main list in the same way you can copy Megademos (F4 for Crew browser, then button at top-right of panel) * The Megademo view in the main list now shows the number of demos per Megademo * The Crew view in the main list shows the number of demos per Crew * Added a new background to choose from BUG FIX: * 39 Crew database fixes (renamings/merges), including removal of 13 unnecessary Crews (thanks DemoZoo) * A handful of other database record fixes * Tooltips for Filter buttons were incorrectly showing when the main list was showing Megademos * A single non-transparent pixel of Gateway to Hexenland witch sprite is now transparent ENGINE: * Updated STeem 4.1.2 R6 to 4.1.2 R8 v1.19 .27/02/2023 ----- LIBRARY: * 65 new screens * Replaced one further duplicated screen * Added 13 demoparties from 2022 UI: * Added Atari ST key click sample while typing into the search box * Added Preference to turn off/on key click sample DEMO EFFECTS: * Added Main Menu Doors BUG FIX: * Mouse wasn't being freed up once STeem 3.2 started * Fixed "Arnold" snapshot being corrupted * De-duplicated two crews * A few other database record fixes v1.18 .29/12/2022 ----- LIBRARY: * 8 new screens UI: * The flag image for Online demo parties has changed from grey box to planet Earth * Added some framework in preparation for a minor new feature MISC: * All thumbnails repackaged into single image, meaning all demoscreens added since v1.10 now appear together on the Family Map * Couple of database fixes ENGINE: * Updated STeem 4.1.2 R2 to 4.1.2 R6 v1.17 .29/06/2022 ----- UI: * Slider added to Preferences panel to change thumbnail transition effect - Added four new thumbnail transition effects * Added five new elements to filter on: High Colour Pics, Candy Twisters, KB Challenges, Texture-Mapping and Zoomers * Party panel now has a shortcut button to the party's page on DemoZoo when you filter on a Party * Question Mark keyboard key now works in Megademo, Crew and Party browser windows, to jump to a random entry * Search text font now has softer edges LIBRARY: * 29 new screens * 10 new parties added, from the year 2021 * Linked four existing demos to demo parties ENGINE: * Ability for DBST to hack STeem version of memory snapshot and to hijack the STF/STE setting - 124 of the 330 screens which didn't work in STeem 3.9.4 (bomb icon in DBST) now work - 29 of the 113 screens which had a visual glitch in STeem 3.9.4 (bee icon in DBST) now work correctly * All internal graphics repacked and optimised from scratch * Updated STeem 4.1.2 R1 to 4.1.2 R2 DEMO EFFECTS: * Added 'Dynamic Duo Sexy Beasts' talking skull * Added 'ST-thinking Garfield' as a character BUG FIX: * Running a screen from the Family Map would crash DBST (bug introduced in v1.16) * "Colorz Demo" is now fixed * "Delirious Demo 4 - Rasters" is now fixed * Fixed 'Fly Over Fantasy Please Wait' demo effect running out of pattern index * Twelfth Panning Background demo effect never got to be seen * Unnecessary timers were running during non-normal modes (e.g. while watching credits or full-screen image) * Large thumbnail television static incorrectly appearing underneath previous shrinking out screenshots * Fixed spelling error MISC: * Credits screen content improved * Credits screen scrolling speed now decoupled from monitor refresh rate * A few other tiny improvements v1.16 .23/05/2022 ----- LIBRARY: * 241 new screens UI: * Demo Parties! (with thanks to Cronos of ACC and Lotek Style) - Added Party Browser button next to Crew Browser - Added Filter Search text on Party button - Added Party filter on/off button DEMO EFFECTS: * Added Vodka Demo Intro guy as a character BUG FIX: * Fixed 'If Pigs Could Fly' screen not working * Megademo and Crew Browser list now wider * Megademo and Crew Browser scrollbar tab was not moving if hit Home, End, PgUp or PgDown * X'press Crew and The X'press Crew merged into one crew * A couple of other database entry fixes * Mouse pointer not quite targetting correctly in Favourites and Jukebox panel ENGINE: * Updated STeem 4.1.1 R8 to 4.1.2 R1 v1.15 .16/01/2022 ----- UI: * Left and right borders have been removed! - the DemoBase ST window width has increased by 20% * New background to choose from * Space to add 18 more Favourites and 18 more Jukebox items * Various minor tweaks DEMO EFFECTS: * Added Demounstres Demo main menu sprite * Added Transbeauce Intro musical band sprites * Added Fly Over Fantasy loading screen sprite as a Please Wait ENGINE: * Rebalanced screen update times (the CPU update setting under Preferences) * Carousel refresh and animation timing disconnected so the monitor refresh rate won't affect animation speed v1.14 .26/12/2021 ----- LIBRARY: * 96 new screens * A further 2 duplicate screens replaced with new ones * Two thumbnail images fixed (#4880 and #4885) * A handful of database record fixes ENGINE: * Refresh and animation timing of demo effects are now disconnected so that the monitor refresh rate won't affect the animation/movement speed * If no matches found, extra hint line appears referring user to the filter controls in the bottom panel * Updated STeem 4.1.1 R3 to 4.1.1 R8 UI: * When viewing Large slides, the demo and crew names for standalone screens are now vertically centred instead of showing --- * Visual tweak to Megademo and Crew Browser sliders * Minor visual tweak in Preferences panel * Preferences button and Update button will now flash when there's an update v1.13 .07/09/2021 ----- LIBRARY: * 26 new screens * Ooh Crikey What a Scorcher (Hidden) now fixed * Fixed and renamed a couple of database records ENGINE: * Updated STeem 4.0.2 R29 to 4.1.1 R3 v1.122 .28/06/2021 ------ BUG FIX: * Attempts to write regionless-decimal-symbol to user database v1.121 .27/06/2021 ------ BUG FIX: * Attempts to handle Windows installations with different Region settings for decimal points UPDATING: * Updating News screen only shows changes in newer versions, not older versions (which were greyed out) as well v1.12 .20/06/2021 ----- LIBRARY: * Added 32 screens UI: * Added CRT TV Overlay preference * Added Cinema Mode functionality and user preference, for when AutoPlaying demos in STeem Fullscreen mode * Added "During Autoplay:" text above Megademo Browser Loading Screen controls * Upon DBST startup, GEM mouse pointer starts in middle of screen instead of top-left DEMO EFFECTS: * Added A Grumbler in the Rutting Season main menu sprite * Added Decade Demo Wow Scroller! 2 sprite ENGINE: * Viewing a fullscreen screenshot now only draws once, to reduce processor use v1.11 .28/02/2021 ----- ENGINE: * Slightly more efficient screen updating * Also a big improvement in screen updating efficiency when main list is not scrolling * Reduced a few megabytes of wasted screen buffer memory * Updated STeem 4.0.2 R29 to 4.0.2 R32 LIBRARY: * Replaced two duplicate screens with new ones (#4824 and #4825) * All screenshots and thumbnails from recent DBST updates merged back into main file UI: * Using Elements feature to limit to STOS demos now shows STOS cursor in search box * Family Map screen now allows for zooming out further * Extra window size step added (press + key) BUG FIX: * Adding a screen to favourite/jukebox directly from large screenshot when demo was not in the main list would crash DBST * Now detects shift keys properly when typing an asterisk into the search box * Pressing Enter when no demos in list would accidentally play the previous demo that was at the top of the list * Megademo view was missing one of the megademos and instead including all screens not part of a megademo! * Downloaded files not being deleted properly after updating DBST v1.10 .23/01/2021 ----- LIBRARY: * 38 new screens AUTOPLAY: * Added red "Skip to next screen" button while autoplay is running * Pause and Stop buttons now won't show at all when autoplay not running * Play button hoverover says "Restart" not "Start" when autoplay either running or paused * Play button now won't appear if there are no record matches * Play button now correctly restarts from top of list if autoplay already playing or paused * Requerying while autoplay was running now stops autoplay, as the results will be different! * Clicking Stop button will stop autoplay but not close the current STeem * Loading and Disk Swap screens will only play for the shorter user-defined period of time if the user is watching a Megademo ENGINE: * Updated STeem 4.0.2 R23 to 4.0.2 R29 * If your DemoBaseST file path is too long, you will be informed if you try to run a screen, instead of letting STeem say the snapshot is corrupt * If DemoBaseST can't find the demoscreen file, it will warn instead of crashing * Added functionality for DemoBaseST to control STeem disk quick access (Symic demo requires slow disk access) * Minor filename redundancy removed from database * Minor mathematical efficiencies BUG FIX: * Adding a demo to favourite/jukebox when it was already there and your favourite/jukebox was full would remove it * Running a screen from the Family Map wouldn't apply the correct settings if you'd ticked Prefer Best STeem version * Mouse double-clicks now don't also trigger the single-click behaviour afterwards! * Couple of record fixes in database UI: * Screenshot carousel fast-forward speed increased MISC: * Default DBST frameskip reduced from Max to High UPDATE: * Temporary update folder now removed after any DemoBaseST update applied v1.09 .10/11/2020 ----- LIBRARY: * 41 new screens UI: * Two new backgrounds to choose from * Added preference to show scanlines (CPU-intensive!) * Random chance of a TOS startup instead of a GEM startup! * Autoplay pause icon now flashes when paused * Slight rearrangement of the Preference window * Hand icon more opaque and only appears when actually dragging something * Carousel fast-forward icon slightly larger * A couple of database record fixes * A couple of other minor improvements * Hidden Go Crazy mode now has black background DEMO EFFECTS: * Added Just Buggin' character * Added new characters - Trans Beauce 2 army guy and MegaDeth Follow Me guy * Disting logo now has a new variety: bulge/compress * Delirious Demo mouse pointer now has random choice of Union Demo Tracker screen pointer ENGINE: * Updated STeem 4.0.2 R2 to 4.0.2 R23 * Reduced failover count before error message box when unable to close existing broken STeem instance RECOVERY: * Standalone recovery program will close DBST if it's open, before copying fresh files over v1.08 .25/07/2020 ----- LIBRARY: * 65 new screens UI: * Added 8th feature panel - "Infos", where all Help, Credits etc. is consolidated * Added "Can you help...?" link and webpage for broken demoscreens * Added two new backgrounds to choose from * Added Hand-shaped mouse pointer when dragging demos or sliders * Removed redundant DBST volume slider from preferences * STeem volume slider now horizontal * Large and X-Large slide sizes are now spaced out a tiny bit * Background music starts a second earlier, if selected, upon DBST startup * Minor colour correction on features buttons * Sorting by demo name now case insensitive (e.g. "aRTS") DEMO EFFECTS: * Added Overdrive main menu spaceship * Panning Background effect now has twelve different backgrounds, in addition to original thumbnail background UPDATE: * Recovery program won't wait for keypress after downloading - it will go straight onto file management BUG FIXES: * "No Internet" error when checking for update was not being caught properly * STeem 4 volumes weren't correct * Clicking on the "Copy all Megademos to main list" button wasn't creating a step in the search history properly (bug introduced v1.07) * Demo name sort order slightly wrong for standalone hidden or resetscreens when sorting by megademo name * A few database record fixes and demo name improvements v1.072 .05/07/2020 ------ BUG FIX: * DBST was attempting to open connection to User database before it was created! Bug added v1.06. v1.071 .02/07/2020 ------ BUG FIX: * DBST application path must be no longer than 40 characters, not 43! v1.07 .28/06/2020 ----- LIBRARY: * 67 new screens UI: * Added STeem Sound Mode preference, allowing choice between Direct, Simulated Speaker and Muted ENGINE: * Removed STeem 3.6.4. Every screen is tested with 3.2 and 3.9.4, but not 3.6.4 * Added internal functionality to control STeem CPU boost. Required to fix flicker on one demoscreen so far. DEMO EFFECTS: * Rainbow Strobe now has random speeds, and a selection of colour schemes * Disting logo slightly more varied BUG FIXES: * Yo Demo Screen (The Misfits) - borders now always forced on to show full scrolltext * A few database record fixes * Clicking "Copy all Megademos to main list", then undoing, would insert a false unfiltered query step * Filtering on Version didn't pass correctly into query history UPDATING: * Added a simple bit of user feedback during the batch file copy at the end v1.06 .29/05/2020 ----- LIBRARY: * 51 new screens, 6 of which are Hidden and 14 of which are from existing megademos which have never previously worked in DBST: - A Grumbler in the Rutting Season - Hidden - Atlantide Megademo - Mega Distorter - Expresso Demo - Hidden - Galtan 6 Megademo - Big Logo - Galtan 6 Megademo - Full Scroll - Galtan 6 Megademo - Loading - Galtan 6 Megademo - Main Menu - Just Fun - Acid Fun - Never and Forever - Letter Sprayer - Never and Forever - Moving Background - NTM Demo - Dynamic Duo screen - NTM Demo - S.C.A. Screen - Overdrive - Fullscreen - Skid Row Megademo - BMT2 (TGE) UI: * If one or more STeem windows are open upon DBST startup, a dialog box will offer to cancel DBST startup * A Fast-forward hover-over icon appears in the thumbnail carousel for demos with more than 3 screenshots * The DBST Hidden screen now removes all UI and has a clean background * Ordering by Crew name is now case insensitive (e.g. "attle") * Minor tweaks to News in the Update screen * Subtle vertical line to right of Megademo and Crew browser lists DEMO EFFECTS: * Added Cyborg Woman to Character roster * Added new Docball image * Added new VU-meter style ENGINE: * Smoother database connectivity upon startup * CPU usage slider - CPU usage increased for Medium and Low options BUG FIXES: * STeem window size was incorrect for Medium-res screens when user selected 3x size from DBST options * Several database record corrections * 505's Blubbersongs - tunes marked (STE) now play correctly instead of crashing * Insomnia snapshot taken much further in to avoid loading from disk * 15 flickering or corrupt screens now fixed by preferring STeem 3.8.0 or 3.9.4, or retaking snapshot: - Bloodsucker - Giga Scroll 2 - Decade Demo - Reset Demo - Fly Over Fantasy - Main Menu - Imagination Demo - Overscan Screen - Just Buggin' - The Victory - Lightspeed - T.P.T. Guest Screen - Nostalgic-O-Demo - Full Fun and Colors! - Pleaze Wait - The XY Dist - Puppet Show - 3.5k challenge - F5 screen - Reality is a Lie - Schnusdie Sapunseldant - Steel Wings - Slime Balls - The Garlic Eaters - The Golden Greetings Demo - Ventura - Board and Spheres - What Time is it - Bouncy-Part - Wolverine - Wake Up Young Warriors v1.05 .01/05/2020 ----- LIBRARY: * 64 new screens * 1 additional screen now replaces a duplicate * 336 of the 341 screens added in v1.03 which were marked as Broken in STeem 3.9.4 now work! UI: * Mock GEM Desktop startup * Added CPU Usage slider under preferences, allowing you to adjust screen refresh speed, to reduce burden on lower-end PCs * The first sort box (used to be "by Demo ID") now sorts by the date the screen was added to DBST NEW DEMO EFFECTS: * Logo Sparkle * Decade Demo Please Wait * Added Cyborg Cowboy to Character roster * Added raster bar variant to VU meter effect STEEM: * v4.0.1 replaced with v4.0.2 MISC: * Removed Repair button, as this has been replaced by the standalone Recovery.exe ENGINE: * Homogenised all screenshot filenames so they no longer need to be stored in the database, or frequently looked up * Functionality to allow for multiple packs of screenshots, meaning it's easier and less time-consuming to release new packs of demoscreens * Much smoother startup (several trapped errors now avoided) BUG FIXES: * Couple of records fixed * GEM Desktop background moved around to cater for recent UI tweak * Removed Cancel Update button, as attempting to restart an update caused a crash. To cancel an update, just close DemoBaseST * Tiny graphical glitch in Aenigmatica Heads VU metres * Tiny fix with highlighting over Elements icons RECOVERY.EXE: * Warning text re: synchronising outside of your DBST folder, along with asking for confirmation before running recovery * Informs user if there's an exact match between local and master install, and therefore no work to be done * Better progress feedback for user * Almost all Update code now shared between main app and recovery program v1.04 .05/04/2020 ----- UI: * Upon close, DBST emulates a rebooting ST * Can now use wildcards in search box, by pressing * * "Large" demo slide size now has 3 thumbnails not 2, and a subtle horizontal dividing line * Elements icons now sharper and a couple of minor improvements * Added "Have You Tried...?" button next to the Help button * Background 1 changed slightly because it was so dull * The largest DBST window size (using +/- keys) is slightly smaller, to fit 1080p screens * Family Map deadzone made smaller and minimap moved to the left-hand side of the top bar * Favourite and Jukebox icons pixellated to match bomb/bee icons * Couple of minor visual tweaks MISC: * Graphical improvements to Match-It Tiles demo effect * New DemoBaseST.exe Windows icon (you may need to reset your Windows icon cache) * Default List View size changed from Medium to Large (for first-time installations) * "A Little Bit Insane" demo prefers STeem 3.9.4 for better sound quality ENGINE: * Created standalone DBST Recovery program to allow user to re-synchronise their local installation with the latest version * Added functionality to cater for latest STeem release (demo compatibility will always be "experimental") * TOS folder and library files moved into Files folder to help tidy up root * Removed "cache" folder and functionality. This was a work in progress which has gone back on the to-do list STEEM: * v4.0.0 replaced with v4.0.1 BUGS FIXED: * Broken update code in v1.03 now fixed * Imagination unicycle sprite had overlapping images v1.03 .24/12/2019 ----- LIBRARY: * Added 520 new screens * Six further duplicate screens replaced with new ones * Eight fixed screens from v1.01 now have new screenshots * Retook Cuddly's 3D Doc screenshots with better quality * Named a couple of screens correctly UI: * Brand new start-up logo, web logo and mini logo * Preferences window totally rearranged to split between DBST preferences and STeem preferences * Can use +/- keys on keyboard to quickly change DBST window size * Added "Sort by Random" button, allowing you to sort the main list randomly * Added preference "STeem always on top" * "Search:" text now always appears when hovering mouse over Megademo or Crew browser pane * Two new backgrounds to choose from * Main demo list scrolls faster * Family Map screen slightly more efficient and responds quicker * Megademo and Crew browsers now scroll faster when typing * Tooltip for Pause Autoplay button now shows "Resume Autoplay" if Autoplay is currently paused * Large screenshots shrink in correct ratio * Heart and Jukebox icons redrawn * Clock icon in autoplay panel improved * Thin line appears in thumbnail carousel to show first thumbnail, if there are more than three thumbnails STEEM: * STeem sound options changed from 8-bit Mono to 16-bit Stereo * STeem 4.0.0 added (experimental only!) * STeem 3.9.4 border size changed from Large to Normal NEW DEMO EFFECTS: * Hackabond Depacking * Depacking (Pompey Pirates, Automation, etc.) * Glow DBST logo * Match-It Tiles MISC: * If no Update is available, you can now attempt to Repair your installation of DBST by clicking the button under the Preferences panel * Disting Logo demo effect now has Y and XY alternatives * "temp" and "update" folders removed on DBST close * Improvements in memory mangement, resulting in fewer garbage collections * Snapshots for screens #1523 and #1589 taken further in to avoid waiting * Slightly more efficient maths for blitting BUGS FIXED: * Double Doozer - Three Dee Demo Two - now prefers STeem 3.9.4, to avoid flickering * Transbeauce Spaceship demo effect moves more smoothly * Decade Demo robot leaves screen correctly * Union Man demo effect no longer jitters occasionally * Sometimes removing a screen from favourites/jukebox wouldn't clear the icon from the slide in the main list * Autoplay controls were appearing over the favourites/jukebox thumbnails when mouse over panel * A couple of tooltips weren't drawing in the right place WEB PAGE: * New "Have You Tried...?" web page added to DemoBaseST site, with hints of things to try with DemoBaseST * Release date added to News web page for each release v1.02 .06/10/2019 ----- UI: * Splash screen is now just the DBST startup image and not the whole blank window * New shiny large "matches" digit font * Demo slide size buttons now invert when selected * Dice button added to go to random position in list, and question mark button is now the Help button * New background to choose from * Added preference to choose random background when DBST starts * Autoplay control bar now slightly transparent * New scrollbar tab image * Tick and cross images for elements icons improved * Tiny thumbnails in Megademo browser window line up better * Clicking on DBST logo will go to DBST home page * DemoZoo crew search attempts with acronyms are now more effective * Manually running a demo while autoplaying will stop autoplay UPDATE SCREEN: * Several visual improvements and a bouncing logo! You won't see this until v1.03 ;) * Update notification flashing star changed to up arrow. You won't see this until v1.03 ;) BUGS FIXED: * If user clicked on demo name above large screenshot: - search text wasn't being truncated to search text box length limit - unrecognised characters were being allowed through and crashed the search font * Improved descriptive in "DemoBaseST can't close STeem" warning dialog box DATABASE: * Identified one Unknown Crew, and fixed one incorrect Crew credit * Expanded on five crew names where DBST only had the abbreviation * Overdrive Megademo's Dragon screen now prefers STeem 3.9.4, which correctly shows dragon colours * A handful of records fixed MISC: * Demo #1315 snapshot taken further in to avoid waiting * Most backgrounds pixellated slightly to reduce DBST file size (37mb -> 23mb) DEMO EFFECTS: * Added Biggie Sprite, "DEMOBASE ST" bobs and Raster Blinds demo effects * Almost every single demo effect has been improved in some way: - Parallax Background - gone from 1 image style to choice of 10, and more movement patterns - Crap Electra Sprite - smaller, and random horizontal starting position - Starfield - gone from 1 variation to choice of 6 - Raster Bars - choice of 2 directions, hand-picked patterns, more colours - Terror Beam - more colours and random vertical location - Panning Background - now covers twice the source image area - Docballs - gone from 1 direction to choice of 4, and added occasional Z dimension - Parallax Mountains - random direction, and gone from 1 image style to choice of 10 - Fake Hidden Screen Question Mark - random direction - Cuddly man now has full range of movement and decisioning - Mindbomb man now more flexible in decisioning - Rainbow strobe now more flexible in X and Y offsets - Hexenland witch now has full range of movement and decisioning - Decade Demo robot now has more range of movement - Union man now more flexible - Wireframe - added two new shapes - Scrolltext - added eight new scrolltexts - Dark Side of the Spoon Lion now has full range of movement and decisioning - Bouncy Ball - gone from 1 image to choice of 6 - 3D Docballs - gone from 6 to 10 different patterns - Please Wait - added new effect - European Demos Knight - now randomly pauses - Delirious Demo 4 Lemming - more freedom in movement - Fate has finally caught up with the Fish 'n' Chips menu guy! - Dister has more patterns and is smoother - Vodka Spaceship is now armed with demo-choosing missiles! - Merged Cuddly Cyborg and TEX Dragon into a single "Character" effect, and added three more characters. One is chosen at random each time - VU meters gone from 1 style to choice of 8, and can be 3- or 4-channel v1.01 .11/07/2019 ----- LIBRARY: * Five screens now work correctly thanks to correct Wake-Up State, and secret use of STeem 3.8.0 (thanks Lotek Style). Still need to update screenshots however. Ensure "Use Best STeem" is enabled. - A.T.G. Megademo - ATG-Woofer (still corrupt, but better) - Delirious Demo 4 - Swallow This - Syntax Terror - Twentyfourhourscreen - The Kryos Screen - Ventura Demo - Bless Dis Mess? * Fixed: Delirious Demo 2 - Celestial Spiral demo (no more flickering) * Fixed: Union Demo - Fullscreen * Retook three memory snapshots further in, to avoid waiting UI: * Most Elements icons have been redrawn or improved * Swapped Dave Fave element filter with Medium/High-Res filter * Megademo/Crew browsers will now scroll to target if you start typing, not immediately jump there * Recoloured Background #8 (less white, more mocha) BUG FIXED: * If you have "Use best STeem for glitch/broken" option enabled, and select STeem 3.9.4, and run a glitched/broken screen, DBST did not relinquish the mouse from STeem. Now it does. MISC: * Couple of database fixes * Named two screens correctly * Removed two unnecessary files * Some minor code clean-up v1.00 .18/06/2019 ----- LIBRARY: * Added 300 new screens * Replaced an additional two duplicate screens with new ones * Improved parameters passed to STeem - 711 screens previously marked as glitched/broken with STeem 3.9.4 now work correctly! * Fixed 92 demos which became broken in STeem 3.9.4 after DBST updated to v0.98 * Retook three memory snapshots further in, to avoid waiting DATABASE: * Standardised the naming of Hidden Screens * Renamed "The Crew" to "Crew, The", so the sort order is correct * A few record fixes UI: * Split Parallax element filter into Parallax Background and Parallax Mountains * Double-clicking a Megademo or Crew from the browser lists will clear all filters and autoplay that Megademo or list of Crew's demoscreens * In XL slide size, replaced text "In:" and "By:" with small icons, and added a demo name bullet icon * Added same small icons to text panels near large screenshot * "Sort By" and "Limit By" buttons now invert when selected * Added a new background to choose from * Megademo and Crew Browser icons changed * Removed Demo database ID# from display, it is only useful to the developer (press Left-Control to show it) * Scrollbar tabs drag up and down more smoothly now * Subtle moving around of overall screen layout * Subtle moving around of Preferences window MISC: * "Please Wait" demo effects now fade in and out instead of bouncing in and out * Added Delirious Demo 2 mouse pointer demo effect * Added [easter egg sprites #18 and #19] * Added new Please Wait effect * Text drawing a tiny bit more efficient * A few small memory leaks fixed * A handful of minor tweaks and improvements BUGS FIXED: * Crash when using Background Music [bug introduced in v0.98] * Crash when select a screen from the Family Map [bug introduced in v0.98] v0.98 .08/04/2019 ----- MISC: * DBST now always relinquishes the mouse from STeem (focus always stays on DBST when a demo starts) * DBST can automatically press the spacebar for screens which have a static intro (e.g. a single picture before the demo starts, like the Ooh Crikey Wot a Scorcher demos) * Added preference for automatically pressing spacebar: always, never, or only when Auto-Playing * Added new Parallax Background demo effect * The six previously-redundant Please Wait effects now added as normal demo effects UI: * Family Map screen now slightly more responsive * DemoZoo search buttons now limit search to Atari ST matches only * Small icons are now semi-transparent, like their larger counterparts DATABASE: * Correctly named 89 screen names (thanks to DemoZoo), e.g. TCB1 -> Grodan And Kvack Kvack * Identified 5 of the remaining 7 Unknown crews * Lots of minor record fixes BUGS FIXED: * Filtering on a Megademo, then unfiltering on it now no longer loses original sort order * Minor improvement to STeem dimensions in TV mode when DBST window is maximised v0.97 .17/02/2019 ----- UI: * DBST now Vsyncs properly - all animation should be smooth :) * Added 6 new Elements for filtering: Vertical Rasters, Plasma, Shadebobs, Keftales, Crew Photos and Tech Tron * Slide highlighter now glows slightly * Filter button slightly more responsive MISC: * Removed some redundant data from the database * Screen #6 (3D Mania) resnapshotted slightly earlier * Bug fix: double-right-clicking a demo in the list would play music of highlighted slide, not clicked slide * Couple of tiny efficiency improvements v0.961 .07/12/2018 ------ BUGS FIXED: * Element icons out of sync with database - Removed Copper element, ready for new elements in the future * Screen #3633 (Summer Delights) now works correctly MISC: * In TV mode, DBST will recover the mouse pointer from STeem 3.2, allowing you to continue using DBST * Removed "seconds left" from Updating screen, as it wasn't at all accurate v0.96 .20/11/2018 ----- LIBRARY: * Added 199 new screens UI: * You can now re-click a filter button to reapply the filter you had just removed - Filter buttons start greyed-out - Querying DemoBaseST will highlight the relevant filters as normal - Deselecting a filter will remove that filter from the list, but you can re-click the filter to re-apply it - The tooltip of the filter button will show the underlying criterion, regardless of whether the filter is actually applied or not * Added "Show bomb/bee icons" preference, to toggle showing/hiding the bomb/bee icons for screens which require STeem 3.2 * Re-added the Clear Elements button, to remove all selected element criteria * Double-right-clicking a favourite or jukebox item will play it minimised * Changing List View size will no longer default to the top of the list, it will now stay with your current selection and place in the list * "Clear All Filters" button (the red cross) only appears when there are filters applied * Small option buttons (like in the Preferences window) which are selected now show as inversed video instead of just grey * Added black border around favourites/jukebox thumbnail to make it stand out a bit more * Removed redundant "Simple Please Wait..." preference * Quick tidy-up of Preferences window BUGS FIXED: * Main list scrollbar tab still showing even if list shorter than screen * Sometimes a blank slide would remain highlighted if the list grew shorter * Filter button tooltips only showed when tooltips were enabled. Now they always show * Pixel dimensions would sometimes be incorrect for particular screenshots when click on carousel image * ~temp directory wasn't properly clearing before running a demo STABILITY: * Warns user and error logs if DBST can't find demoscreen file or screenshot, instead of just crashing MISC: * Some groundwork for an upcoming new feature * A few minor code improvements v0.95 .02/10/2018 ----- UI: * Added preference for STeem to always Show Borders * Changed search text font * Minor bug fix with flicking bee mouse once leave Family Map screen MISC: * Main list now drawn just-in-time instead of the whole list fully drawn in the background, meaning: - DBST now uses less than half the RAM it used to - the whole list is immediately available to scroll through - no more "Please Wait" effect :( * Text drawing is a tiny bit more efficient * Polite apology dialog box if DBST can't close existing STeem processes * Couple of improvements to Updating screen * Suppressed MS-DOS feedback text during Updating file copy v0.94 .01/09/2018 ----- UI: * Holding down both Shift keys while autoplaying will stop autoplay and exit the current demoscreen * Changed mouse pointer to Atari ST pointer * Added user preference to use Atari ST mouse pointer or normal Windows mouse pointer * Clicking on the demo name above the large screenshot will perform a proper search (including filters) MISC: * Attract mode will fire off a little sooner, if you don't move the mouse or press a key * Added new Bouncy Ball, crap Electra Intro, and 3D Wireframe and 3D Docball demo effects (with a bit of help with the maths!) * Added [easter egg sprite #17] * The main demoscreen list will draw slightly quicker if you are seeing a Please Wait effect (i.e. if you've scrolled below the glowing tab) * If a STeem window is open when DBST starts, the user is warned with a dialog box to save any work/gameplay before continuing LIBRARY: * Screen #449 - memory snapshot retaken a little further in, to avoid waiting BUGS FIXED: * Favourite/Jukebox tooltip will now still show even if tooltips are switched off v0.93 .17/08/2018 ----- LIBRARY: * Added 251 new screens * Replaced three duplicate screens * Identified and removed 20 orphaned screenshots * Couple of record fixes UI: * Complete overhaul of search interface - all criteria are persistent until user manually removes them * Added Filter buttons to control panel, to highlight which different filters are currently being applied * Hover over a filter to show more detail, or click the filter to remove it * Ability to limit search results to just those demoscreens added in the most recent download pack * The Screen Type box (loading, reset, main menu, etc.) highlights the currently-selected one * If mouse is over megademo or crew browsers, typing the first letters of a name will go straight to the first match * If mouse is over megademo or crew browsers, Home/End/Page Up/Page Down will work on that list * When dragging a demoscreen into favourites/jukebox, thumbnails/tooltips of items in the favourites/jukebox will no longer appear * Presets panel renamed to Screen Types * Added new GEM Desktop-style background * New List Size button shapes * Smaller match counter font * Slight reordering of control panel * Sort By arrow now bounces * New Preferences icon (changed from a P to a cog icon) * Search text cursor won't blink if mouse inside features panel (to hint that keyboard input will go elsewhere) DATABASE: * Removed text "(Multipart)" from end of title of Multipart screens, as user can use Elements function to search for Multipart screens MISC: * Maximum Favourites and Jukebox items increased from 80 to 90 * Added [easter egg sprites #14, #15 and #16] * Added new Fractal Draw and Terror Beam demo effects * A few minor code refactors and improvements * Functionality for horizontal sliders added in BUGS FIXED: * List Size and Autoplay tooltips now don't show when viewing Megademos in main list * Tooltips near bottom of screen won't go off bottom of screen (e.g. when hovering over Version number) * Fixed mismatch in count between Megademos in browser (2 too many) and Megademos in main list * Prevented search of DemoZoo with (Unknown) crew name v0.921 .23/07/2018 ------ * Fixed Megademo slides bug * Fixed 1st Light demo v0.92 .18/07/2018 ----- FEATURES: * When viewing a single megademo, have the option whether to have Loading Screens inserted between each demo (for more authenticity) * Ability to control how regularly a Loading screen appears (after every x demoscreens) * Ability to control how long the Loading screen lasts (for x seconds) UI: * Any mouse click or keypress will exit full-screen screenshot mode (only left-click worked before) * Remembers your chosen sort order * When hover over favourite/jukebox item, an animated larger thumbnail image will accompany the tooltip * Updating screen now shows progress bar while "Preparing..." * Demo Effect Regularity preference buttons replaced with a slider control * Pressing Delete when cursor at end of search text will delete all search text * Now won't allow you to put two spaces next to eachother in search text * Megademo slides will quietly draw a few less at a time, so the list populates more smoothly * Tooltips for decrement/increment autoplay timer won't show when set to manual skip only * When searching for a Megademo, will clear any selected element filters * Made large bomb and bee icons semi-transparent so they're not quite as visually intrusive in the list * Redrew bee icon so it's the same size as bomb, and is monochrome (no ugly colour artefacting) DATABASE AND LIBRARY: * Revisited and catalogued all elements of all remaining 730 screens! * Rechecked all 380 screens new to DBST3 with STeem 3.9.4 and flagged glitched/broken as appropriate * Couple of record fixes in database * Retook 10 memory snapshots a bit further into the start of the demo to avoid silence/blank screen at start * Fixed 6 memory snapshots with filename issues, causing DBST to crash * Fixed 10 broken memory snapshots * Demo #974 works in STeem 3.9.4 but not 3.2, so DBST will handle this for you (only if the "Use STeem..." preference check box is ticked) MISC: * TOS images now have a single-character filename, allowing your DBST installation path to be 12 characters longer (43, not 31) * When click a megademo slide, will clear all other search criteria * "Life's a Bitch" Please Wait logo now coloured authentically * New proper demo font for the scrolltext, and relocated the scrolltext * Added five new docball images * Added new raster bar colour * Added three new sinewaves for raster bars, dister and docballs * Added more scrolltext messages, including some hints and tips * Made strobe effect twice as long * Added [easter egg sprite #13] * Swapped a background for a better one and added a brand new one v0.91 .19/06/2018 ----- UI: * Remembers window position of STeem for the four different window sizes * Added new "TV" STeem window style, which will open up STeem over the large screenshot (experimental and temperamental!) * Favourites and Jukebox items now have a tooltip * Can click on Version number at bottom-right to open Version History webpage * DemoZoo link won't appear for Unknown Crew, or non-Megademo demoscreen MISC: * Fixed decimal-point localisation bug which would cause DBST to crash upon opening for some countries * Fixed volume control not working for STeem 3.9.4 * Shortened header text for XL slides, and added dividing line for better clarity v0.90 .16/06/2018 [Initial Public Release] ----- FEATURES: * User can search Megademo or Crew in DemoZoo.org with one click * Added simple attract mode automation if DBST is left alone for a minute or two * Added STeem 3.6.4 back in as compromise between compatibility and features * User can now choose which version of STeem to run (3.2, 3.6.4 or 3.9.4) * User can set volume for Please Wait animation * User can set volume of STeem * Can use mousewheel to zoom into/out of Family Map screen * Added preference so STeem 3.2 is used for broken/glitched screens which do not work on later versions ENGINE: * New audio library, allowing proper looping of samples and volume control * Media now stored as resources not content * Upon startup, checks to see if the installation directory is too long and warns the user if so * Minor query efficiency improvement in the Family Map screen UI: * Clicking "Play" will start Autoplay from the currently-selected slide, not from the top * Added Help! button and FAQ page * Page Up/Down now jumps a whole page regardless of list view size (S, M, L, XL) * Keying text into search box now works more normally - Can use arrow key left/right to move cursor - Backspace/Delete will work relationally to the cursor * Improved search functionality: - Retains the megademo or crew that you had previously selected from the carousel - Allows searching of elements and free text within the selected megademo or crew * Feature select icons respond to mouse, and invert colour when selected * "Copy to List" button won't appear if there are no favourites/jukebox items * Pressing Enter key when main list showing megademos will act like clicking that megademo * Added fourth animation frame to the (still temporary) demo elements icons * Added [easter egg sprite #12] * Added new Please Wait effect * Addition to the "Rob Says Wow!" demo effect * The "Simple Please Wait" preference button now responds immediately * The Strobe demo effect now has transparency at either end instead of black pixels LIBRARY: * Fixed three broken screens * Added 45 more screens, including five missing European Demos screens * A few fixes to records in the database UPDATING: * Added developer functionality to allow for pre-production testing of updates before launching * Downloaded updates now have a checksum to ensure file has downloaded correctly * Minor tweaks to layout of Update screen * Added number of files downloaded vs total files to download * Fixed Mbps and ETA bug MISC: * Upon startup, will shut down any other version of DemoBaseST already running * Workaround for STeem 3.2 and 3.6.4 not showing Full Screen correctly * Removed two redundant datafields from database * Fixed bug which only showed the first 10 screenshot thumbnails if there were more than 10 v0.891 ------ LIBRARY: * Added 5 new demos * Replaced 2 duplicate demos with new ones * Fixed 7 screens with broken TOS entry MISC: * Added new MicroMix demo effect v0.89 ----- UI: * Added more Tooltips * Added user option to show or hide tooltips * Added user option to have silent Please Wait effect * Hovering over carousel thumbnail displays that image as the large screenshot LIBRARY: * Categorised nearly 100 more screens MISC: * Added new Strobe demo effect * Added six new docball images * Some minor code tweaks v0.88 ----- FIXED: * Having a space anywhere in the DBST folder path would break STeem * Default background wasn't setting properly * Random background music player now checks to make sure user actually has some favourites/jukebox MISC: * More detailed error logging v0.87 ----- LIBRARY: * Fixed 20+ screens where STFMBORDER CLI wasn't being sent properly into STeem UI: * Matches list says "no matches" if there are, believe it or not, no matches * Credits screen height narrower * Don't randomly change preset thumbnail if hovering mouse over * A few more tooltips * Some more temporary text buttons replaced with graphics * Features panel now taller * Four new backgrounds added * Minor blitting efficiency improvement UPDATER: * Successfully reads Version and News from new DBST online web server ENGINE: * DotNetZip 1.10.1 > 1.11.0 v0.86 ----- FUNCTIONALITY: * Added new demoscreen element - Fractals * STeem 3.9.4 now included in project * Added user preference to startup with the DBST window maximised * Added user preference to have a simple "Please Wait..." instead of a fancy one * If user right-clicks on a demo preset from the panel, the currently-showing screen will be highlighted in the large screenshot panel * Right-clicking the "?" button will randomly select a demo from the list and immediately play it * Added "Now Playing" button. When clicked, will highlight the last- or currently-playing STeem demo in the large screenshot panel (if launched from DBST!) UI: * Added new startup logo * If user has smaller desktop resolution, DBST window will resize to suit * Carousel doesn't scroll if there are three or less screenshots for the demoscreen, and centralises the mini screenshots that do exist * Mini-map added to Family Map screen, so you know where you are! * The list, when going back from a query, will not overtake the slides being drawn in the background, and so won't cause Please Wait to fire, unless user overrides with keyboard * When clicking on a demo name, megademo name or crew name, will automatically clear search text box * Autoplay buttons now highlight when mouse-over * Added [easter egg sprites #9, #10 and #11] * Tiny boost to frame rate makes DBST look smoother * Fixed small media player bug * Rewrote demo effect randomiser from scratch LIBRARY: * Added 16 more Delirious Demo 4 demoscreens which were unobtainable using just STeem 3.2 (had to use 3.9.3 to get past the booter) * Fixed a few broken memory snapshots (e.g. Tufty 7 - Roger Rabbit) and fixed a couple of erroneous database entries UPDATER: * Further development, including a successful binary update from v0.85 back up to v0.86 from a separate local location * Multi-threading implemented to allow for realtime progress update while downloading * Progress bars, Mb/s, ETA and feedback message implemented * Can now drag through the news using the scrollbar, as well as the mousewheel v0.85 ----- LIBRARY: * 3147 demoscreens FUNCTIONALITY: * New Megademo Detail view, like an enlarged Megademo Browser panel * Complete overhaul of autoplay mechanic, including new control panel and new options, such as loop, shuffle, and what to do if the user manually quits STeem mid-countdown * When double-clicking a megademo or crew, will auto-play the megademo's screens or all the crew's screens in order UI: * When undo-ing a search, it will remember where abouts you were in the previous list and automatically go to it * Added [easter egg sprites #7 and #8] * Added new fifth Please Wait effect * Fixed incorrect pixel dimensions being used for abnormal screenshot dimensions (eg. Things That Made Us Go Hmmm... demo) * Loads of minor visual tweaks * Couple of minor mouseclick bug fixes ENGINE: * Refactored project so it is an App, not a Program UPDATER: * Further development for synchronising between client and server * Scrollable news screen, highlighting which versions are newer/older than the current version v0.84 ----- LIBRARY: * 3085 demoscreens FUNCTIONALITY: * Added new Map feature, allowing user to scroll through all screenshots and go straight to the demoscreen * Added new Background Music feature, playing a random demo tune in the background, either from your jukebox, favourites or the whole catalogue, or not at all * DBST can now handle demos which run from the STeem virtual hard drive (I'm looking at you, new school!) UI: * Added Parallax Landscape, Level 16 guy and Rob Says Wow! demo effects and [easter egg sprites #4, #5 and #6] * Added three new backgrounds * Temporary images for remaining elements icons drawn * Can now click on demo name above large screenshot to search for similar demo names * Can now double-right-click a demo in the list to play it minimised * Added three new Please Wait effects * Added cheat code - can you find it? ;) * Added credits screen * Now using GreyFox's DBST logo ENGINE: * Uses DotNetZip library instead of standard .Net compression library, allowing rapid screenshot image decompression using RAM instead of disc * All screenshots are now archived and packaged instead of in a standalone folder * The DBST executable finally has a custom icon! * SQLite NuGet package updated to 1.0.108 * Migrated project from VS2015 to VS2017 * Made random demo effect timing more efficient UPDATER: * Initial development, design and architecture v0.83 ----- FUNCTIONALITY: * DBST now controls the STeem keyboard shortcut file, to write custom keyboard shortcuts (e.g. fast forward, quit) * User can now select from more STeem screen sizes (minimised, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, maximised, fullscreen) * DBST can now call STeem 3.2 or STeem SSE 3.9.3 interchangeably (will be required to deal with screens which don't work in STeem SSE) * Now checks that previous STeem process has exited and released DLLs before starting new STeem * Bit of scrollable list code refactoring and optimising * Can now press "?" on keyboard to select a random demo slide (like clicking the "?" button on-screen) * User can now drag the scrollbar tab in the megademo and crew browser window UI: * DBST Window will now stretch/shrink when window resized :) * When sorting, blank megademos and unknown crew members will stay at the bottom of the list regardless of ordering * Squashed a few co-ordinate bugs * Added DocBalls, DocDots, Panning Background, Scrolltext, Zoomer, fake VU meters and [easter egg sprites #1, #2 and #3] demo effects * User can now set the regularity of random demo effects appearing in the preferences panel * Results list is now slightly taller v0.82 ----- FUNCTIONALITY: * Memory snapshots that also require a disk image now working again!!! :) * User can now select Minimised, Normal, or Maximised STeem window in preferences window * DBST can now make STeem exit properly, so it doesn't throw a warning when re-opened * DBST closes all running instances of STeem before starting up * DBST now has control of the STeem INI file, and can write custom preferences to it * Basic autoplay functionality installed (play/stop buttons work, along with optional looping) UI: * Added a couple more backgrounds and redid a couple of others * Medium view style now shows two screenshots instead of one * Another minor reshuffle of the screen layout * Made fancy tab shape at top of features panel to replace plain box * Each entry in the Megademo Browser panel now has a tiny screenshot of the Intro and Main Menu * Window size is now correctly fixed DATABASE: * Moved user preferences database into user's My Documents folder * Checks for presence of user preferences database, and creates and populates it if it doesn't exist * User preferences are now persistent * SQLite NuGet package updated to 1.0.107 v0.81 ----- * Migrated to SQLite from MS Access. All database activity is now self-contained within DBST * Added internal media player class and sample #easteregg * Added background image select functionality to Preferences panel, and created some new backgrounds * Search text ignores punctuation for Megademos and Crews (like it does with Demo names) * Changed Megademo name of standalone screens from (Unknown) to --- * Feature select buttons now have a tooltip * Tooltips now snap to edge of screen instead of disappearing * Boosted refresh rate with no noticeable performance hit = smoother display :) * Tiny progress bar fills in when background match drawing taking place * Demoscreen database ID now in small font next to large screenshot * Single-disc demos with no memory snapshot now work again (e.g. Things Not To Do) * Files: fixed some poorly-named screenshots which were breaking DBST when clicked on * Database: used the excellent Fujiology archive to answer some missing crew credits v0.80 ----- * Some screen background elements are now permanently pre-drawn to increase redraw efficiency * Main list moves more smoothly when using keyboard * Used brand new fonts for tiny and small letters - now in colour and look much cleaner! * Brand new large font for match counter * Text for Glitched/broken/favourite now shows a different colour in the list (red/gold) * Text blitting now even faster * F-key number now shows next to each feature icon * Hover-over text hint for Elements now has opaque background to help readability * "Please Wait" appears if you're viewing a part of the results list that hasn't been built yet v0.79 ----- * Main list of demo matches draws silently in the background, so all search results appear to be immediate * Match slides now draw almost twice as quick! * Font blitting now more efficient * Replaced temporary feature-select boxes with nicer ST Drive icons * English description of search criterion appears at top of results list * Can now drag demoscreens to favourites/jukebox features buttons as well as the features panel * Mouse button 4 acts as query back button, and mirrors "undo query" on-screen button * View style buttons and "copy favourites/jukebox to main list" buttons now highlight when mouse-over * Slight screen reorganisation * Collected demo and screenshot files into lettered subfolders for efficiency and better organisation * Using arrow keys/page keys/home/end to scroll through list will centralise the current selection instead of moving to top * Fixed bug with empty slot at bottom of list v0.78 ----- * Switched to WriteableBitmapEx library 1.5.1 (from 1.5.0) * Added "Copy Favourites/Jukebox to List" button to Favourites/Jukebox panel * Added temporary on-screen "feature select" buttons (to replicate F1-F8 shortcuts) * Removed redundant page-flipping * Fixed TV static location over Preset screens * Replaced the four View Type text buttons with temporary icons * Resized drag-and-drop screenshot thumbnail