Welcome to the standalone recovery program for DemoBaseST.

What's happened?
This tiny program will allow you to resynchronise your local installation of DBST with the latest version.
It was intended to be included with DBST at some point, however a tiny bug in the update code in DBST v1.03
has necessitated the recovery program to be created now, and downloaded from this page.

If you are using a version of DBST before or after v1.03, then you don't need to do anything here. The recovery program
will be included with DBST from v1.04 onwards, and you can use it in the future should you ever need it.

v1.03 users however will see an update is available while using DBST, the update is downloaded, but then nothing else happens.

Please download the Recovery program from here (1.7mb),
             and read the below notes and warning carefully!

Once downloaded, open the Recovery.zip file and copy the files and folders into the root of your DemoBaseST installation,
and nowhere else, replacing files if requested, so that Recovery.exe will sit alongside DemoBaseST.exe.

***WARNING*** the recovery program will remove any files from within the folder you run it from which do not belong to DBST,
so do not run it from any folder other than from inside your DBST folder!!!

Double-click the Recovery.exe program, and it should then resynchronise your installation to the latest version.

Further Problems
If the recovery program doesn't work, please let me know.
You can always redownload DBST from the front page of this website. Your settings, favourites, etc. will not be lost.