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Welcome to DemoBaseST - an easily-accessible Windows-based showcase compilation of Atari ST/STe demoscreens. No longer do you need to download and set up emulators, or search through disc images and menus to get to your favourite demos, because each one is directly accessible straight from the DemoBaseST menu, and is accompanied by screenshots and search and filter functionality to help you get to your favourites, or sit back and explore the wonderful creative world of the Atari 16-bit demoscene!

Main screenshot(s) Main screenshot(s) Main screenshot(s) Main screenshot(s) Main screenshot(s) Main screenshot(s)

* One double-click launches you straight into a demo - no disc images required.

* Emulator settings, TOS version and Machine settings are all handled automatically.

* Over 5,300 demos and over 310 megademos in the library, accompanied by over 18,000 screenshots.

* Intros, Loading screens, Main Menus, Hidden screens, Reset screens and even Disk Swap screens for megademos are also included.

* Use the Elements feature to search for screens which have up to 41 different elements, such as starfields, no borders, VU meters, tracker music, plasma, digidrums, docdots, music collections...

* Play slideshows of each screen in any megademo, or all screens by a particular crew, or your favourites, or any screens at random.

* Flag your favourite demoscreens, or screens with your favourite music into a jukebox.

* Customise from a wide range of preferences, such as backgrounds, display size, STeem size, choice of STeem version, etc.

* Dozens of surprise pop-up demo effects to keep you company.

* Built-in updater for new features and demoscreens.

* Totally free! No adverts. No cookies. No sign-ups. No accounts. Ever.

1.1gb self-extracting archive. DBST requires Windows 7+ and .NET 4.7.1 or greater.
Please install to a folder structure with 40 or fewer characters in total.

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